What exactly is an orphanage?
An orphanage is a facility that cares for and houses children who have lost their parents. If a child is orphaned because his or her parents died or lost custody, the child is considered an orphan. An orphanage is a facility that cares for orphans.

What does orphanage mean? A home for orphans is a place where children whose parents have died can live and be cared for.

Are orphanages still in operation?
Traditional orphanages are largely extinct, having been supplanted by modern foster care, adoption, and child welfare programs.

Why are orphanages a bad thing?
Owning and running an orphanage has become a profitable business in many countries, with foreign donations serving as “revenue.” Many orphanages are unlicensed, with the government providing little or no oversight. Babies and children may be sexually abused, subjected to organ harvesting, or subjected to illegal adoptions.

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